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How to register Google Analytics to easily view Blog Stats – heritageforward.com

Google Analytics is one of the free tools provided by Google to see blog statistics from visitor interactions. There is so much that we can get by installing Google Analytics, one of which is knowing how many visitors or visitors who are viewing or reading our blog. Google Analytics is not like a smart widget that looks more neat but according to the information I heard that the delivery of information from Google Analytics is more accurate than we use widgets or other sites.

By knowing the interactions of visitors, we can analyze which articles or writings that visitors like most. How to register for Google Analytics is almost the same as How to register the Histats widget. After completing the registration, we will get the Google Analytics code which we will then install on the blog. In addition to installing Google Analytics Analytics Traking ID, we can also install the Google Analytics Traking Code. How to register is quite easy if you follow the steps that I have made.

To register for Google Analytics, the main requirement is to have a Gmail account. You can use your blogger Gmail account, but if you already use it you can use a new Gmail account. At first I thought if we already have a Gmail account then we can see the blog statistics on Google Analytics directly but it turns out we have to complete the registration stage, fill in the data and install the code provided by Google Analytics. Here is a complete way to register Google Analytics until you can see the blog statistics directly.

How to register Google Analytics to easily view Blog Stats

Step 1 : Please enter Google Analytics to register. Click Create Account in the top right corner menu.

Step 2 : Click Sign Up

Step 3 : A page will appear as below, please fill in and select it as I did. Customize the name and address of the blog with the blog that you have.

Step 4 : If you have finished filling in the data above, please see below and click Get Tracking ID.

Step 5 : Choose Indonesian and read the Google Analytics Terms of Service, if you agree, please click I accept.

Step 6 : You will get a Tracking ID or Tracking Code as shown below.

Step 7 : To install Tracking ID, please enter your blogger board. choose Settings, Choose Others. Look at the bottom there is a column Analytics Web Property ID. Please enter your Tracking ID there.

Step 8 : In addition to Tracking ID you can also install the Analytics Code in the Eit of your Blogger HTML. Place the Analytical Code above or can also be above the code .
Step 9 : If it is finished now you click Home on Google Analytics, it will appear as below.

If the above method cannot be successful and the statistical data does not appear, please use the following method. Please change the UA code below with your Analytics Code then enter HTML and place it above the code. Replace the previous code that is already installed when it is not running.

How, it’s quite easy not to register with Google Analytics !!! So don’t be surprised if you open the Google Analytics homepage, it can’t appear, because you haven’t successfully registered your blog’s ID Tracking. In addition to accurately providing information about blog statistics, it turns out using Google Analytics can also provide information on Google Adsense revenue that we have. Congratulations on trying to register and install Google Analytics on a blog, hope this article is useful and you have successfully registered it.


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