How to make Online Hours not appear on WA Profiles –

  • 1 min read
  • Feb 27, 2019
When chatting with someone via the WA application, of course we often see the time or the last time Online. That way we can find out that the person has read the message we sent. Then there are some people who don’t want to know when it was last active so that it’s not known to be read or not.I made a tutorial before how do you keep Chat WA gray and not turn blue when read. How to eliminate online hours is also the same as the settings through the Privacy account. You can set it up, that is, it can be seen by everyone, my contact and Nothing (Can’t be seen by anyone).

How to make Online Hours not appear on WA Profiles

Step 1: Enter your WA then click on the top right corner there is a point 3 icon.

WA Active Hours Lost

Step 2: Select Settings or Settings

Step 3: Select the Account menu

Step 4: Select the Privacy menu.

Step 5: Click on the Last seen menu.

Step 6: Finally, here is the choice you can set. Select None so other people don’t know you were last online.

How easy it is not to eliminate our active hours or time on Whatsapp. Anyone will not see our last activity and even if we have read the status of others, they will not know it. Use this method so there is no misunderstanding because you are lazy to reply to Chat, so and thank you.

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