How to easily emerge a ruler (Ruler) on WORD –

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  • Mar 04, 2019
Microsoft Word helps us to be able to easily complete certain jobs, such as making proposals, papers, reports, research, and much more. Not only does it help in designing a word processing, but there are also many interesting features to tidy up the writing to make it look neat and nice to see or read. One interesting feature is there is a ruler or commonly called Ruler in Microsoft word.The existence of this feature itself helps in managing the distance between paragraphs, column spacing, tab spacing in the table when editing correspondence documents, papers or theses, and so on. Estimating the size starting from the width or length of a document or image is the main function of Ruler. This ruler is divided into 2 parts, namely a ruler located in a horizontal position or commonly called Horizontal ruler and an upright ruler or commonly called vertical ruler.

You can use it according to the needs needed to make the text better and orderly. However, when operating the word processing application, where is the symbol or feature to use a ruler or ruler? Of course you don’t see it, maybe you will think afterwards that this feature is hidden. Actually, in the appearance of Microsoft word or in other applications such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint is always not visible for symbols activating this interesting feature.

Because the actual Ruler feature is one of hidden sophistication. But don’t worry you can bring it up and activate it to start tidying up your writing. How to? Don’t be confused, in the discussion this time you will tell your friends all briefly, solidly, but clearly about creating a ruler media in Word that is easy and successful with the aim of achieving the neatness of the desired writing.

How to generate a word ruler (Ruler)

  1. The first step, you need to take is to open the Word application first.
  2. Next, start to write the part you want to edit or you can directly open the previously saved document and trim it again.
  3. When opening the Microsoft Word application, you will see the home menu tab on the display, then point your attention to the menu tab “View
  4. Then on the next page on the menu “View“There will be an Option”Ruler” By clicking on it, the ruler image will automatically appear and appear on both sides of the work sheet.

It’s easy, you can practice it directly on a computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or even an Android-based cellphone or smartphone that has a Microsoft word application before. You are also easy to be able to tidy up your writing quickly and everywhere. It is perfect for writers, students who are doing research, traveling that captures their writings and so on, of course, requires Microsoft word as a mainstay to edit and tidy up the work of your writing.

Even though you are still a layman in running or operating microsoft word, excel, power point, publisher and so on. You can still learn it very easily. Because indeed the interesting features in it have been designed so that the user can easily remember and learn it. Like the example above you must have learned a lot right? This is one basic technology in the use of Microsoft Word. Hopefully this information can be helpful and always useful for all of you. thanks.

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