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  • Mar 08, 2019
How to Change the Name of Facebook, you may have heard often. And also this is often done by most people. Then what about changing the name of Fanspage on FB? Is it the same way to change the name of Facebook? Actually, personal accounts with Fan Page are different, we can see for themselves the uses. Fanspage is more common and is intended for people to make certain communities like something on Facebook.For its own understanding, Fanspage FB is a special page that is made like a blog where here it also presents information that varies according to the user’s or admin’s creativity. Usually there are people who take up education, physical products, services, communities, companies, artists and much more.

How about an online business? Well, many people also use a lot of social network Fans page to support their business through product promotion or advertising on the Facebook page. Popularity of Facebook fans page social media is not only trendy for the owners or users, but it is very useful for those who are members or who like a Facebook page. They are helped to be able to receive notifications and information that they might need from a fans page.

Maybe some of you are starting to ask, “What’s the difference between Fans page and a group on Facebook?” At first glance it might look the same, but there is a difference if Fans page is in accordance with what we discussed a little earlier to create profiles of things, products, artists , business, public figures and others where page and member positions are like between artists and fans, therefore the name is Page Fans.

Whereas for Facebook Groups it is generally intended as a place to gather for Facebook users because of the similarity of certain interests where the relationship status is a member or who joins are people who are part of the group community. Well, back to the initial topic where we now know what Fanspage or Facebook page is, its functions, and also the differences with personal profile accounts and Facebook groups.

One of the highlights of the discussion is “how do you change the name of your Facebook page even though it has thousands or even more members in an easy way?” “Is there a certain effect?”, We will also get the answer. There are no problems that cannot be resolved, Facebook is trying to provide convenience to its users. You can quickly change the name of the fanspage on your business page. Want to know? Please refer to the Tips and Tricks as follows:

How to Change the Fanspage FB Name that already has thousands of members

  1. The first step, go to the Facebook account that you have.
  2. If you have not logged in, please log in first.
  3. After successfully logging in and entering the home page of your facebook, the next step is to go to your Page and Fanspage.
  4. Well, after being on your page, then if you want to change the name immediately, click “About
  5. After finishing selecting the option “about“On the Facebook page, you will be taken on the About page and continue to look at the section”Name“, Then choose”Edit
  6. A box or box will be displayed after that, to be able to continue entering a new name from your fanspage, then select or click “Continue
  7. Then you will be taken in the section confirming the request for a name change. To be able to continue clicking “Request changes
  8. The last step is to click “OK“On the choices available.
  9. The name of your Facebook page will not change immediately, because it requires some time first. Usually the fastest is a few hours.
  10. Done, you will see your fanspage name change as you wish.

This is how to change the name of Fanspage on Facebook even though it has a large number of followers, you can still change it. It’s just that you have to provide information to followers or why the name of the page has been changed, so this will not reduce the number of followers on that page. Not only pages or Fanspage Facebook, today you can also run a business on various well-known social media such as Instagram business pages, online, WhatsApp, Twitter and many more. Hopefully it can be useful!

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