How to Block Email on Yahoo that often sends Information –

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  • Mar 10, 2019
Yahoo is a site that provides free data delivery services that we often call Email. Not a few users are in all corners of the world including Indonesia. The activity of sending information is sometimes disturbing if we don’t want it even almost every day. Here is a way to easily block these e-mails.Previously I discussed the problem of how How to stop subscribing to articles from a site. It’s different from what I did because sending data information is not done automatically but manually so we need to block it. If we don’t do it, the email will be full even if we find it difficult to read other information.

Before blocking it would be nice to check who the Yahoo Email is. If it belongs to a friend or someone you know, please do the information manually just to stop sending. This is so that if we need data from it it can be sent because all blocked emails cannot send anything.

How to easily blocks Yahoo e-mail

  1. Please enter your Yahoo Email and open the incoming email.
  2. Click on the upper right corner of the icon ““then select” Block Sender “.
  3. There will be 3 things you need to check, “Email Address, Block All Future Emails and Delete All Existing Emails
  4. Click OK and finish Email has been deleted and no data will be sent again from the Email.

The tutorial above uses Indonesian, if your e-mail uses English then just adjust it because of the same way. This is the latest 2019 method because if you open the old version it doesn’t look like the one above. Thank you for reading this article.

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