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  • Mar 18, 2019
How do you make the right blog? It crossed to make it, but confused where to start. Because of technological sophistication, now all of our activities are made easier and there is a lot of information that we get. For example, we can freely play the internet on a website, play online games with friends who use Android-based electronic devices as well, and get abundant information from various updated sources.Actually there are many others. But on this article we will especially discuss one of the sophistication of our device in surfing the internet. Ever thought of you before to create a blog? Indeed, in fact people do not know this information. But one thing that is unique is that this technology can be a source of income. Is that right?

Well, actually this blog itself is a media that is the cheapest and very easy to use anytime and anywhere. Very suitable for you to use as a writing medium or express yourself in a blog. You can also arrange a variety of types ranging from traveling, product reviews, tutorial blogs, recipes, or even just personal experiences.

You are free to express it. However, not all can enjoy it for reasons of getting money. If we want to write a blog with such motives, the results can be nil, because to be successful in the world of blogger, you must be diligent and honest. Diligent means, diligently writing with certain themes regularly and honestly in making original articles or not taking them from other people’s blogs.

This all needs to be done with the right blog motives, not just wanting to earn money but enjoying and hobbies, undoubtedly you will gradually be able to enjoy the expected results. Well, Want to be a beginner Blogger who is skilled and successful up to making money? You are encouraged to listen carefully – both interesting reviews below. Just go straight, check it out …

How to make money from a blog? | Blogger Beginner Tutorial

1. Make your own blog as attractive as possible

If you want to succeed, the best step is not to hesitate at all. Start by working, the first step is you must have your own blog account. Now there are various platforms that you can use easily such as blogger, Ghost, WordPress and so on.

Make sure you read the terms of making a blog properly and correctly. Then some other tips on making an interesting blog are first, use an affordable but good quality domain and then carefully watch the tutorial to make the appearance of your blog cool so that it has as many visitors as you wish.

2. Making an attractive and original Content Article

Making an article is not as easy as turning your palm, Basically a good article that can bring in visitors is the type of writing that results from your own hand. You don’t want it, claiming to be the owner of the copy paste blog that takes other people’s writing? You are not good at stringing words?

Don’t worry, first, start with something as simple as a day-to-day activity that has become your routine, in this case you just need to retell it. Easy isn’t it? As the soul and strength in a blog, your writing works determines where you carry your blog.

3. Consistent Article updates regularly

Often one of the things that bloggers don’t pay attention to is inconsistency in the article update. There are various reasons such as being lazy, having no ideas, or even being too busy with other activities. Whatever your reason, if you want to succeed in the world of blogging, one of the tips is to keep blogging updates.

Try at least one week there are 1-3 articles that you post, or even just one article a day that’s already great. Consistently like this, at least the effort you make will pay off even if it’s slowly. Google will provide trust in each article if the Blog is active.

4. Google Adsense

This Adsense is the way most often used by bloggers to make money from your blog. However, for the current era, it cannot be denied that Google is very strict in Adsense policies for each blog. From day to day, Google continues to make algorithm changes that affect adsense revenue. Read: How to register Google Adsense.

To be able to get an Adsense account is not easy, before you have to listen first to the latest provisions of Google Adsense. Pay Attention to Templates, Blog Age, Quality of Content that you make. If it has been received, you are ready to make money every day, even get money every month.

5. Others

Not just being a Google Partner to get money from Blogs. You can also make Blog as a medium for Online Selling Promotions and even to attract Business Customers in the real world.

We can also get rewards if there are sites that I want to post Placement article on our Blog. The price is not half-hearted, it can reach millions of rupiah, one article if there are many visitors. There is also a Banner installation on the Blog, the price is quite good, and finally we can cooperate with other Advertising sites besides Google Adsense.

The description above is some tips and tricks for being successful in the world of blogger. Never underestimate one or two points, because everything is important to remember and pay attention to. If you have already run it, chances are that your blog can become a trusted blog and earn money.

Not only blogs, other similar media such as Youtube also have the same service, it’s just that maybe the conditions are a little different. You need more in-depth research for all types of businesses that you want to run.

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