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  • Feb 28, 2019
Health is important in human life. Even health itself is a valuable asset that people often forget about. As we know today, many diseases can be cured by paying a certain amount of money such as medical treatment at a hospital, health center, or even having their own personal doctor.

But, do you know? indeed, basically for rich people it is very easy to seek treatment abroad to seek healing for their illness. but there are a number of diseases that have not been found so that whatever money a person has cannot buy that health. For people who are sick, health is very expensive.

Even the government has tried to provide subsidies for the community through Kartu Indonesia Sehat for the poor and some expensive treatments the government also provides subsidy assistance, for example for the cost of dialysis assistance, as well as cancer drugs and HIV drugs.

Healthy is not only talking about being free from illness but talking with all aspects of human life. If the body is free from disease, good spiritual, emotional and mind stability can be said to be healthy. So in general health is divided into two: physical / physical health and mental / mental health.

For this reason, it is good for health message messages to be delivered at existing meeting meetings, for example in the PKK social gathering, Posyandu, work environment and school environment. Because health problems are a very important factor, some people choose health topics as material for speeches, lectures, practical advice etc. to make the target recipient of information aware of the importance of this.

Although some people may be confused about how to make a speech with such good health topics, what titles do you think might be raised to be discussed? Now, just below are examples of short speeches about health that you can try as examples and references.

Examples of Short Speeches on Health

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

Dear Chairman of PKK RT 01
I respect the mother of PKK RT 01

First of all, I say thank you because our grace can be gathered at the social gathering of PKK RT 01 mothers without any shortcomings.

Mother’s mother that I love

At this time we gather here in the framework of the social gathering of PKK mothers RT 01. I am sure that mothers of mothers have activities that are quite busy in their homes, especially with mothers who work to help their husbands’ income. Of course, to be able to be present at this place, the mother of the mother is physically fit. It is very important for a family to have a name for health. At this time, the mother must pay a substantial amount of health fund. Health is expensive, if at this time a healthy mother may feel heavy to pay the health contribution. But if you are sick of health insurance it is very important to be able to pay off existing health costs.

Maybe the health insurance can pay for the medicine or the cost of care. But there are times when we have to pay some money for things that cannot be covered by our health insurance. So we will blame our health insurance why not all are borne even though we have paid regular contributions. There are several precautions so that we avoid existing diseases. The government itself has given message messages through GERMAS (Healthy Society Movement).

The first is to check the mother’s health regularly in existing health services. You can also check the laboratory for a number of diseases such as gout, cholesterol and blood sugar. If done early and the mother has the potential to suffer from an illness, preventive measures can be taken.

The second is to eat vegetables and fruit in the mother’s family. My advice if holding a meeting like this can be given only fruits, boiled yams, boiled corn, boiled bananas and other fruit preparations. It is expected that consumption of fruits and vegetables can meet the body’s fiber needs. Fiber is very good for the body because it can help our digestion.

The third one avoids the name smoking because it is very dangerous for the health of the mother’s family. Not only for smokers but also for other family members who breathe in the smell of cigarettes,

It is hoped that through the three-step movement it can improve the family health of mothers at home. So few health messages from me, there are mistakes in my words, I apologize profusely. Thank you

Waalaikumsalam wr.wb

The short speech above is an example of a brief speech about health that could be given during a gathering of PKK mothers. Health assignments are not a task of the government alone but are the duty of all of us. You can use the example of this speech in all types of situations that make you fit. Hopefully the information provided can be useful and good luck. thanks.

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