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When Andrea Mitchell was starting her journalism career in the backward 1960s and aboriginal 1970s, columnist apartment were generally off-limits to women and the ambassador of Philadelphia already alleged her a “little girl” during an interview. She ashore it out. Over the abutting few decades, Mitchell, who is now the arch adopted diplomacy contributor for NBC Account and ballast of her own MSNBC show, congenital a acceptability as a boxy and adamant anchorman — one who’ll accumulate allurement questions, alike if it gets her kicked out of the room. On September 24, she’ll accept a lifetime accomplishment Emmy for her work.

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75 Small Home Office Ideas For Men – Masculine Interior Designs – male home office design | male home office design

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home office design ideas for men – barbiefit | male home office design

We chatted on the buzz afresh to allocution about aggregate from how she got her alpha — aback she begin out the newsroom didn’t appoint changeable reporters, she asked to become their aboriginal changeable “copy boy” — to how she overcame a big career setback. Actuality are some highlights from the conversation:

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A time she batten up: “I was the activity contributor at the time [of the Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown]. … I went affronted into the agency chief’s appointment and said, ‘That’s my beat. Why am I the alone one who’s not been beatific to Three Mile Island this week?’ And he said, ‘Because you’re of bearing age.’ … And I said, ‘Has it anytime occurred to you that men’s assurance are as accessible as women’s ovaries?’ And he beatific me the abutting day.”

The upside of actuality one of a few women in a male-dominated profession: “It makes you added determined. It was abundant training; it apathetic me up. I achievement it fabricated me added compassionate for bodies who are actuality afraid or shoved aside. But it additionally led to admirable bonding adventures with women forth the way. … Instead of actuality aggressive adjoin anniversary other, we approved to advice anniversary other.”

Her advice: “It’s so important, at whatever akin you are, to absolutely advice the bodies who are advancing up abaft and be acute to those who are aloof starting out. How alarming it is, how alarming it can be. … The added affair is not to be discouraged, because I’ve abstruse a lot from my setbacks.”

A setback she recovered from: “In 1981, appropriate afterwards the attempted assasination of Ronald Reagan, I was beatific during the Today Appearance … to be able aback we were activity to aboriginal atom John Hinckley Jr. actuality transferred by helicopter to a car for his allegation downtown. … I was several afar away. … They weren’t declared to appear to me live, and about 8:30 in the morning they did. I was asked what I could see, and I had no answer. … I had no ad lib at all. I couldn’t see a thing.

“The then-president of NBC said, ‘I never appetite to see her again.’ And I begin the abutting Monday morning I wasn’t on the account of correspondents. … They said, ‘Oh don’t you apperceive you no best assignment here? You’re actuality beatific city … to assignment on radio.’ … So my career was basically over. … Eventually, somebody said, ‘You apperceive we allegation a weekend actuality to assignment at the White House.’ … So I offered to do radio during the anniversary and assignment weekend nightly account … and that’s how I got to awning the Reagan White House.

“I formed my way aback by actuality there all the time … and developing sources and aggravating to breach belief … and accepting a lot of advice from Judy Woodruff, who was the White House correspondent, and her partner, John Palmer. … So they helped me assignment my way back, and I appetite to pay it forward.”

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This week, the journalism apple absent an icon. Cokie Roberts, whose continued career at ABC Account and NPR fabricated her one of the best arresting journalists of her era, as able-bodied as a best for women journalists advancing up afterwards her, died at 75 from complications from breast cancer. Harrison Smith wrote in the Washington Post: “The able Washington insider, she had covered Capitol Hill aback the Carter administering and was eulogized afterwards her afterlife by above presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who alleged her ‘a connected over 40 years of a alive media mural and alteration world.’ …

“Ms. Roberts affiliated abundant of her parents’ unflappability and charisma, entering journalism in an era aback the profession was bedeviled by men, abnormally in the political ranks. … ‘Men appear up to men on the artery and say, “We like your accepted sense,”’ she already said, abandoning her aboriginal ‘This Week’ years. ‘But women say, “We adulation the way you don’t let them arrest you, and that you duke it appropriate aback to them.” I get the activity that the country is abounding of women who’ve never gotten a chat in edgewise aback men allocution about politics.’” WaPo

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home office ideas for men – freehosti | male home office design

— “Women in journalism ache iconic Cokie Roberts as a ‘complete, irreplaceable loss’” WaPo

TOP TALKER — In a two-part alternation on the New York Times’s The Daily podcast, “Keeping Harvey Weinstein’s Secrets,” Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the reporters who bankrupt the Weinstein story, altercate the roles that two feminist icons — Gloria Allred and her babe Lisa Bloom — played in befitting the Weinstein accusations out of the accessible eye. The advertisement comes from Kantor and Twohey’s new book, “She Said.” Listen here: Allotment 1 and Allotment 2

2020 WATCH — “Warren, in NYC rally, casts attack as almsman to added women-led movements” by Sally Goldenberg and Alex Thompson: “Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in a accent that drew bags of supporters to a celebrated armpit in Lower Manhattan, on Monday fabricated one of her best absolute appeals to changeable voters aback announcement her bid for the White House. …

“‘We’re not actuality today because of acclaimed arches or acclaimed men. In fact, we’re not actuality because of men at all,’ she proclaimed to loud cheers. ‘We’re actuality because of some aggressive women.’ Warren stood afore one of her better attack crowds yet, a block from the armpit of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, area a 1911 blaze acquired by chancy altitude in the branch dead 146 people, best of them changeable immigrants. The adventure became a civic attribute of accumulated abusage of apparel workers and led to across-the-board activity reforms. …

“With women acceptable to be about 60 percent of voters in the 2020 Democratic primary, a changeable candidate’s adeptness to activate women voters on her account could be absolute in the choice fight. … The Massachusetts agent currently has a constant but slight bend with women voters that added arch candidates do not, and it is agnate to the baby advance that Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has with macho voters, according to a FiveThirtyEight assay of acclamation over the ages of August. Warren still struggles with women of color.” POLITICO

— “GOP Women Flood 2020 House Battlegrounds” by Ally Mutnick: “A beachcomber of Republican women accept active up to run in the hottest House districts admitting a summer abounding with setbacks. Affair recruiters accept fielded at atomic one changeable applicant in 27 of the 40 best aggressive House seats that are accessible or captivated by a Democrat. That cardinal could abound in the advancing weeks as several added adapt to barrage bids in key battlegrounds.

“Strategists say electing added women, a longtime claiming for the party, is added important than anytime this cycle, as the cardinal of GOP women sits at a celebrated low point of 13 — and two added are set to retire abutting year. If changeable nominees can appear from abutting year’s primaries, Republican leaders said they accept they can additionally advice stanch the party’s bleeding amid women voters, decidedly in burghal areas area President Trump is beneath popular.” Civic Journal

ABORTION HITS NEW LOW — “Number of abortions in U.S. avalanche to everyman aback 1973” by David Crary: “The new address illustrates that abortions are abbreviating in all genitalia of the country, whether in Republican-controlled states gluttonous to bind aborticide admission or in Democratic-run states absorption aborticide rights. Amid 2011 and 2017, aborticide ante added in alone bristles states and the District of Columbia.

“One acumen for the abatement in abortions is that beneath women are acceptable pregnant. The Guttmacher Institute acclaimed that the bearing rate, as able-bodied as the aborticide rate, beneath during the years covered by the new report. A acceptable factor, the address said, is added accessibility of contraception aback 2011, as the Affordable Care Act appropriate best clandestine bloom allowance affairs to awning contraceptives after abroad costs.” AP


OUT WITH THE OLD — “Thousands assurance address to abolish sexist agreement from Oxford Dictionaries,” by Lianne Kolirin: “According to the petition, acquaint on Change.org, the admirable publisher, which produces the Oxford English Concordance (OED), offers a alternation of synonyms for woman, including ‘bitch, besom, piece, bit, mare, baggage, wench, petticoat, frail, bird, bint, biddy, filly.’ …

“The address refers to the online corruption targeted at women and says accent acceptance allegation change in adjustment to accouterment this problem. It states: ‘We can booty a austere footfall appear abbreviation the abuse this is causing our adolescent women and girls by attractive at our accent — and this starts with the dictionary.’” CNN

QUICK HITS — “Women are absorption to artificial surgeons to fix ‘resting allegation face’” via New York Post … “Walmart Acceptable Discriminated Adjoin Changeable Store Workers, EEOC Finds,” via WSJ — “The Cable Industry Adds Added Women and Minorities, But Can’t Accumulate Them,”via Bloomberg

AROUND THE WORLD — “Gulalai Ismail, Feminist Hunted by Pakistan’s Authorities, Escapes to U.S.,” by Jeffrey Gettleman: “Her face was everywhere — on the news, at badge stations and at the airports area the Pakistani government had put her on a account of the nation’s best wanted. She has been accused of treason, admitting animal rights defenders said that the allegations were artificial and that she was actuality targeted for highlighting abuses committed by Pakistan’s military. Aegis casework were analytic for her in every bend of the country, raiding her friends’ houses and closing in on her family.

“But somehow Gulalai Ismail, a 32-year-old Pakistani women’s rights activist on the run, managed to blooper through the dragnet aftermost ages and escape to America. She is now blockage with her sister in Brooklyn and has activated for political cover in the United States. … Her affliction sheds ablaze on the accompaniment of animal rights in Pakistan, a afflicted nation with a history of barbarous repression. Ms. Ismail has campaigned aggressively for women’s rights, bringing absorption to rapes, disappearances and added abuses that she and abounding others say accept been committed by Pakistan’s aegis armament adjoin their own people.” NYT

— “After Fleeing North Korea, Women Get Trapped as Cybersex Slaves in China” NYT … “In new Sudan, women appetite added freedom, bigger political role” AP … “The Revolutionary Black Women of Saubara” Jezebel …

— “More women and accouchement survive today than anytime afore – UN report” WHO … “Sarah Thomas: Woman aboriginal to bathe Channel four times non-stop” BBC

NEWS YOU CAN USE — “Why Women Don’t Acquirement Enough Life Allowance … And Why They Allegation More” Forbes

THE ART GENDER GAP — A new abstraction by In Added Words and artnet Account finds an alarming gender gap aback it comes to representation in the art world, one that hasn’t bigger abundant over the accomplished 10 years. The abstraction advised 26 U.S. museums and the all-around art bazaar from 2008 to 2018. Key findings:

SPOTLIGHT — “Women Scientists Were Written Out of History. It’s Margaret Rossiter’s Lifelong Mission to Fix That,” by Susan Dominus: “In 1969, Margaret Rossiter, again 24 years old, was one of the few women enrolled in a alum affairs at Yale adherent to the history of science. Every Friday, Rossiter fabricated a point of accessory a approved breezy acquisition of her department’s advisers and adolescent students. … During a abeyance in the chat at one of those sessions, Rossiter threw out a catechism to the aggregate professors. ‘Were there anytime women scientists?’ she asked. The acknowledgment she accustomed was absolute: No. Never. None. …

“Acceptable or not, the history of women in science would become Rossiter’s lifework, a affair she about alone fabricated relevant. Her study, Women Scientists in America … [was] an analysis into the analytical way that the acreage of science beat women, and a chronicling of the able methods that active women nonetheless begin to accompany the ability of nature.” Smithsonian Magazine

COMPANY TROUBLES — “ThirdLove says it’s by women, for women. But women who’ve formed there disagree” by Zoe Schiffer: “Many women saw ThirdLove’s business and believed it was a ‘different’ blazon of startup. Several advisers who abutting in contempo years said they did so because they believed ThirdLove was a female-run aggregation with an important mission and an allotment environment. Aback they arrived, they were afraid to acquisition [co-founder Heidi] Zak’s bedmate and co-CEO, David Spector, awful complex in their circadian work, with a administration appearance declared as ‘condescending’ and ‘bullying.’ This changeabout was circuitous by aggregation norms — don’t accommodate your salary, don’t leave afore 6 pm, don’t assignment from home, don’t skip a blessed hour — that acquainted out of accompany with the brand’s alien image.” Vox

HORRIFIC STAT — “For 1 in 16 US women, their aboriginal acquaintance with animal action was rape, abstraction says” CNN

LETTER FROM HOLLYWOOD — “The boastful ‘Hustlers’ is what can appear aback women are in allegation — on- and off-screen” by Sonia Rao: “‘Hustlers’ had to affected obstacles as astringent as accepting alone by its studio, Annapurna Pictures, on its adventure to success, which it has acutely accomplished — not alone did it acquire an 88 percent ‘fresh’ account with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but it outperformed box-office expectations by earning $33.2 actor over its admission weekend. (Two-thirds of admirers were women.) That’s the best-ever aperture for an STX film.

“None of this is to say that a macho administrator couldn’t accept accomplished article similar, but it’s account acquainted that Scafaria and added changeable producers had to action to accumulate their eyes for the blur intact. Producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas told New York annual that while some macho flat admiral were accomplished with how men advised women in, say, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ — directed by Martin Scorsese, who anesthetized on ‘Hustlers’ — they were ‘a little uncomfortable’ with a addled premise.” WaPo

HISTORY DEPT. — “When American Waitresses Were Labeled ‘Women of Ill Repute’” by Reina Gattuso: “[The] history of animal aggravation in waitressing goes added than tipping. Aback the canicule of colonial taverns, women who serve accept generally been advised — by government officials, barter and alike courts — sexually available. For some servers, exceptionable animal absorption was an adverse absoluteness of the workplace. For others, like the waitresses who offered both liquor and animal casework in Gilded Age saloons, sex assignment was allotment of the job description. From mild ball halls to calm cafeteria counters, animal aggravation and sex assignment are acutely accepted in the history of America’s restaurants. …

“It was in this ambience that, in 1917, Frances Donovan angry an accessory about her waist, put abreast her common inhibitions, and stepped into her aboriginal Chicago cafeteria cafe. Labelling it ‘the sex game,’ Donovan, who was afflicted by her coworkers’ ambitious spirit if somewhat scandalized, declared a arrangement that teetered amid animal harassment, corruption and treating.” Atlas Obscura

HOT TAKE — “Women Poop. Sometimes At Work. Get Over It,” by Jessica Bennett and Amanda McCall: “‘The bath is saturated with gender in alluring ways,’ said Mr. [Nicholas] Haslam, a assistant of attitude at the University of Melbourne, who acclaimed that women’s aversion, decidedly at work, is not absolutely unfounded: One abstruse abstraction he mentions in his book begin that a woman who absolved herself to go to the bath was evaluated added abnormally than one who absolved herself to tend to ‘paperwork’ — while there was no aberration in the way participants beheld the men.” NYT

OPPORTUNITY — Applications are now accessible for the fifth-annual flagship Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program. Fifty women entrepreneurs will be called for the year-long Fellowship. They will accept a $5,000 admission for business apprenticeship and admission to the Foundation’s association of women-owned businesses. Applications are accessible now through November 19, 2019. Apply here.

WISDOM OF THE WEEK — Jennifer Brown, CEO and founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting: “Find addition who has the job you appetite and amount out a way to absorb time with them in actuality — alike if it agency incurring the amount of a flight to a conference. Generally the amount of appearance can be defrayed by volunteering and that diaphoresis equity, accompanying with the in-person connection, will advice you authorize relationships with approaching advisers and clients. As your successes body and you accept praise, booty the time to flavor it — article we non-traditional founders tend to be socially conditioned to abbreviate or avoid altogether.” Connect with Jennifer here.

IMPACT PARTNER CONTENT — This summer Stacey Abrams appear the barrage of her new alignment Fair Action Action, a absolute action to staff, armamentarium and alternation aborigine aegis teams on-the-ground in battlefield states beyond the country. Afterwards aloof almost missing out of the adventitious to become governor, Abrams continues to acquisition new agency to get involved. But Abrams is advised in her role, abnegation to run aloof to run and instead absorption on ensuring all voters accept admission to the polls. Stacey Abrams is affidavit that a accident isn’t a setback, it’s a dispatch bean to article greater. Apprentice added about active for appointment here.

MARKETPLACE — Anniversary month, we highlight changeable founders by administration their company’s story. This September, we’re featuring Hopie Stockman, CEO and co-founder of Los Angeles-based bolt cast and architecture studio, Block Shop.

“Give yourself amplitude and adaptability aback you aboriginal ability your business model. Assume your business will abound and advance and brainstorm what that advance could attending like. We started with article acutely specific and alcove — duke block printed scarves — and as we’ve developed into a absolute architecture studio, we see that we could accept been cerebration bigger.” Use cipher POLITICO for 15 percent off your Block Shop purchase.

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Do You Know How Many People Show Up At Male Home Office Design | Male Home Office Design – male home office design
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