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  • Mar 09, 2019
7 Errors That Often Beginner Bloggers, now the world of blogging is not only to channel a hobby, but many also make this fun activity to get income, even some people who have long been in the field of blogging get their main income from the blog that he manage.That of course makes some people more interested in trying to get into the world of blogging, but you need to know if there are enough of the same mistakes made by many newcomer bloggers, here I will write down some mistakes that newcomer bloggers often do.

7 Mistakes that beginner bloggers often do

1. Money oriented

This is the most common mistake I have encountered, including I have experienced it, there is no mistake in hoping to earn income from blogs that you manage and see the blogs of seniors who have succeeded in producing millions to hundreds of millions per month is a good motivation.

But you also need to be aware that if all the things that masters don’t get in a short time, they experience a lot of Trials and Errors until they finally get success in their own way.

If you blogging is only money oriented, then most likely these 2 things will happen to you:

1.1 Appeals to the quality of articles

Because in your mind, from the start, only your money will be less concerned about interpreting the quality of the article, you might write what many people say have interested in hoping to quickly get visitors who can convert it into money.

1.2 Easy to give up

Because you are money oriented if you have managed a blog that you have managed for several months it turns out that the results you get are of course you will be disappointed and most likely you will stop being a blogger.

2. Only focus on Google Adsense

Google Adsense is only one of many choices on how you can make money from blogs that you manage, I often see newcomers asking questions:

  • How is Google Adsense accepted?
  • How do you get a lot of results from Google Adsense?

I often see these questions, but rarely do I see the question of how to make a quality article, even if the article that we make is quality and does not violate the TOS, surely Google Adsense will be happy to accept our blog as their partner (Publisher)

3. Don’t want to learn to write quality articles

What is presented by bloggers on their blog is content, and most of the content is in the form of writing, if you do not want to learn how to write a quality article, of course this will be an obstacle in your blogging journey.

The end point is that if you don’t want to learn to write an article, you have the potential to become someone else’s copy paste artisan, and of course it is not recommended.

4. Choosing a Blog Design that Is Not Tasty in View

People visit your blog to read articles that you write, so make your blog look comfortable to look at for a long time, stay away from the selection of contrasting colours and dazzling eyes or add lots of widgets that make loading the blog heavy.

  • Alloy colours that do not dazzle the eyes
  • Use widgets as needed
  • Do not place ads excessively
  • Loading blogs that are relatively fast

5. Incorrectly Choosing a Niche

The short definition of Niche is a theme that you will present on the blog that you manage, many beginners who start their blogging by writing a niche that they don’t even like, they write it solely because many people say that the niche will bring many visitors or it is easier to make money.

even though it is the wrong first step if you are a newcomer blogger, if you have just started blogging, choose the niche that you are most familiar with or interested in, so if you are interested in your niche you will be happy to write that niche.

Writing wholeheartedly will definitely produce good quality articles, good quality articles will come, there will be many visitors from Google, well if you really have mastered the niche, then you can glance and study other niches.

6. Inconsistent

no matter how smart you write articles or optimize a blog the results will not be optimal at all if you are inconsistent, a successful blog starts with the owner’s consistent attitude.

7. Easy to give up

well if you have made mistake number 1-6 you will most likely make this mistake too, which is easy to give up, you give up because the blog that you manage does not come to be accepted by google adsense, you are easy to give up because the blog that you manage does not bring many visitors you give up easily because you see the google adsense dashboard that doesn’t get the expected results.

Therefore the attitude of abstinence must be instilled in each of you, I myself have not earned income from a blog that can fulfill my daily needs, but I am sure one day I can reap the rewards of the hard work I have done so far, that’s the suggestion which I always give myself to always have a positive nature.

Now that is the 7 most frequent mistakes made by beginner bloggers, so for those of you who have recently been pursuing the field of blogging, look at yourself, do you have any of the above properties? If there is something you want to add or correct, you can comment below.

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