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  • Mar 06, 2019
Many parents complain about children who have difficulty eating, meaning that they also don’t want to eat rice or vegetables. Even if we pay attention to children, it is not difficult to eat, but they do not like food that is served until there is coercion of parents to their children.So why is this child having trouble eating? parents should not give the impression that this child is naughty and stubborn because they do not want to eat but it is better to first pay attention to the child whether this child really does not want to eat at all or because usually before eating the child has filled other foods such as snack snacks or the food they like?

We as parents need to learn to understand what can be a favourite of children, and learn to make something that can divert the food they don’t like into a favourite food. Now there are too many instant foods or snacks that are the children’s favourite for that we as parents must learn to give understanding to children that the food is not healthy.

In addition to helping them be aware of the dangers of food or snack snacks out there, you also need to do some tips and tricks to make the child want to eat regularly including vegetables and fruits. For more information, you can get the information below. Also Read: 5 Tips for Quickly Walking Children.

6 Tips For children to eat

1. Parents must be an example

These tips are sometimes never realized by our mothers, because what parents force children to eat vegetables while parents rarely show them eating vegetables. So for that we parents are examples while teaching children to eat, for example, routinely eating together so the child sees what his parents are eating

2. Give regular eating schedules

Give a meal schedule is very important so that children want to eat, make it a habit that children have the right eating habits. Try before eating, do not give snacks or other foods that are not healthy. This is evident in my large child from childhood or the baby is accustomed to having regular meal hours starting at 8 am breakfast, 9-10 at cake, 12 at lunch after 2-3 hours giving snacks, at 6 pm at dinner . So that after school the child already has his own habits without having to be forced.

3. When small parents diligently feed

Sometimes we as mothers have no time to be patient in feeding children. But from now on suppose that mothers learn to take children for walks while feeding so that they can distract children so they don’t get hung up on food. Usually done in the afternoon the child can play while eating. This is also a place of communication between parents and children so that they know what they like.

4. Don’t be too pushy

Without us realizing we often force children to want to eat, this actually results in the child becoming rebellious because it is too forced. Invite the child to communicate about food and give an understanding of what can and should not be eaten too often. As we tell you that eating too often unhealthy foods will result in stomach ache or tell you if you don’t want to eat later you can get a stomach ache can become an ulcer. Communication does the child understand so that he wants to eat. Maybe if the child is still small or the baby asks him to tell an exciting story so that the child can open his mouth, do it regularly.

5. Food Variations

Give a variety of food for the child, for example the child does not like carrots but likes eggs when cooking cut into small pieces or gently put in a rolled egg. Be diligent in cooking a diverse range of dishes that attract children’s attention. So that the spirit in trying foods with different variations every day.

6. Bringing children into play and processing food

Every process of food invite children to participate in processing, so that they understand that food at home is healthier than outside the home. It starts processing food that is their favorite first. Teach them how to make it and after it’s finished give him food.

Thus are the tips so that the child wants to eat, Hopefully these tips encourage mothers to pay attention to the little one’s food. Because everything starts from childhood, it will become a habit when they are big. But the mothers also need to pay attention to the food so that it is balanced with its activities so even though fat the child remains agile and smart.

Hopefully these tips are useful, congratulations for the special parents of mothers because Children are God’s precious treasure Aaamiiinnn …

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